Voiro for Sales

Our OTT clients attribute 15-20% of incremental sales growth to Voiro’s workflow automation.

Close that deal!

When it comes to direct ad selling, you need the numbers at your fingertips. Voiro connects the dots between all the teams in your ad revenue workflow, so you have all the intelligence you need to think on your feet. We help you close the circle, so you can close that deal.

Everything, in one place

There’s no need to look anywhere else — find out everything you need to know about individual customer accounts at the touch of a screen. Voiro serves as a continuously updated repository of all your interaction with customers in granular detail, helping your Sales team strategize smarter and monetize sharper.

Track that sale

Stay on top of every deal with Voiro — track every stage from lead to sale and beyond. Compare accounts, identify roadblocks and get the insight you need to swiftly correct situations that need your attention.

Eyes on the price

Pricing strategies are complex, varying from customer to customer, medium to medium and minute to minute. With Voiro’s Rate Card feature, your Sales Strategy team can set the right pricing rules based on historical data and forecasting. When a rate card is published or updated on Voiro, it is instantly available in an easily understood format to all team members. Login, access and present — eliminate potential loss from out-of-date or incorrect rate cards.

Configure your sales workflow

Voiro enables better decision making and deal tracking with a rule-based approval system where you set the rules. Based on your settings, the right people are prompted for timely action, ensuring no steps are missed and nothing falls through the cracks.

Manage smarter

Voiro provides activity reports of what everyone on the sales team is doing. Monitor and improve the day-to-day working of your teams with clear snapshots that track milestones and status updates based on the metrics you choose. Take control with Voiro’s configurable system that allows you to restrict access based on roles — so people see, only what they need to see.

Access campaign reports

Closed the deal? Now track the campaign as it happens. With easy-to-understand, real time updates as well as historical snapshots of every campaign, you have all the data you need to get that customer again, and again. Because, no one wants a one hit wonder!

Enhance your sales force

Already have a CRM system in place? Voiro can readily integrate with your CRM platform so you can plug into what’s happening down your ad revenue stream. With almost no engineering effort at your end, we can calibrate and deploy only those modules that you want to turn on. And when you’re ready for the fully loaded Voiro experience, we can switch on our CRM module on demand.