Voiro for Finance

Voiro users spend 200 0 hours on month end revenue reconciliation. How about you?

Solution that fits the bill

Numbers don’t lie and you know it better than anyone else. You have the numbers — now get it across to the people making the deal. Because, a deal is only as good as the revenue it generates. With Voiro’s access controlled approval system, you can ensure that only credible deals see the light of day.

Tune into sales

Is the customer credit worthy? Do they pay on time? Is Sales chasing a wild goose? With Voiro, you can access deal related documents uploaded by Sales, and deny or allow approvals based on a customer’s credit track record. Use the numbers you already have to make smarter deals with payment terms and more, tailored to individual customers.

Stay in the loop

Get campaign information with all the reconciliation data you need in one place. With our easily auditable system, getting billable information has never been more streamlined. Voiro takes out all the unnecessary emails and manually updated spreadsheets to give you true revenue and billing information in record time.

No extra work

Voiro provides API connectivity to systems that handle billing and finance such as SAP. Relevant information can be exchanged directly with those systems without any human intervention or effort from you.