Voiro Advantages

Don’t just monitor data. Monetize it.

One powerful platform

Connect, collaborate and communicate

Getting it together has never been this easy — imagine information from every function across your ad management workflow in one place. Voiro streamlines your information flow making relevant data points not just accessible, but actionable, across and within departments. Now, you can track your inventory performance across multiple ad servers including hybrid reporting across direct and programmatic channels.

One click reporting

Visualise data as it happens

Keep track of key metrics throughout a campaign with our automated and highly configurable dashboards. Voiro’s one-click reporting feature gives you easy access to campaign, revenue and revenue reconciliation reports as well as agency and sales information. Set weekly, daily or hourly trackers to stay on top your campaigns.

Single source of accurate, verifiable and actionable data

Don’t waste time creating, searching and emailing error-prone spreadsheets. Voiro’s deep analytics and predictive capabilities track, connect and make sense of disparate groups of data, from multiple teams and sources. The resulting graphical snapshots and flippies tell you everything you need to know at one glance.

Ready to integrate

Calibrated with your system

As compatible as the team behind it, Voiro has ready integrations with CRM, ERP and Ad tech applications. We will calibrate and deploy our ad management suite with minimal engineering effort from you. Let Voiro help you get more out what you already have — whether it’s data or the systems that generate it.

High security data protection

We’ve got your back

Voiro is powered by one of the world’s most secure and reliable cloud services providers. To ensure the safety of your data, we store customer data in dedicated Virtual Private Clouds. With Encryption in Transit and Encryption at Rest enabled, data remains unreadable to unauthorised eyes. As a part of our Business Continuity plan, we back up data in multiple geographically dispersed data centres to protect from data loss.