Upgrade from Google DSM to Voiro!

When is Google retiring DoubleClick Sales Manager?

Google DoubleClick Sales Manager, industry’s default ad sales software, is scheduled for deprecation in July 2019.

Have you upgraded from Google DoubleClick Sales Manager yet?

The clock is ticking much faster than you want to believe! To ensure that you have a new system up and running before the old system pulls the plug, the time to act is now. While there is no escaping the effort, investment and time that migration to any new solution demands, choosing a future-proof solution that is designed for minimum downtime is key.

What is a future-proof solution?

The media sales landscape is evolving faster than ever — you need technology that is nimble, and sets the foundation to readily accept newer technologies. Voiro focuses on exactly this — so your data and organisation can reap the benefits of Automation, Predictive Capabilities, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to monetize sharper in a radically changing ad booking scenario.

An Order Management System is not enough.

Replacing Google DSM with just another OMS is like plugging a leak when you need a real overhaul. The sheer mass of data that gushes through your system every second demands an efficient restructuring of your ad revenue workflow and processes. Voiro connects disparate components of your Adtech Stack, bringing data and people on to a singular accessible and access-controlled platform. So you don’t just book ads, but intelligently leverage the data you have to monetize your ad inventory on the dot.

Upgrade to Voiro

Instead of a stopgap Google DSM alternative, Voiro offers you a complete, configurable, easy to use and secure ad revenue suite geared for the long run. It integrates with ad servers across the board, pulling data and insights from all your media sales channels. Its modular and scalable design along with ready calibration with existing CRM and ERP platforms, eliminates the need for potentially expensive software transitions in the future. Get the edge of Voiro’s powerful data analytics and workflow optimisation capabilities to unlock the true potential of your ad inventory.