We Make Digital Ad Operations Easy

Voiro LLP was incorporated in 2014 and has been in the business of developing, deploying and maintaining software as a service & products as a service specifically for online media technology.

We have expertise, resources and experience in developing various software solutions that primarily address digital operations management for online content publishers. Our flagship product is an integrated order management system that allows an online content publisher to streamline workflow and assimilate data on a single platform connecting all disparate systems that may be used in course of their advertising supported business.

The features we offer (not limited to) are:

  1. Order Management System with Adserver & Billing Integration
  2. Data Management & Merging of Data Sets
  3. Data Display & Visualisation
  4. Reporting Output : Sales, Revenue, Advertiser
  5. Advisory for Digital Operations Management & Resource Optimisation

Our systems are business critical and adhere to compliance norms. We understand that internal compliance requirements vary and have designed the access and set up to be completely configurable by the publisher.

We also support custom integration requests of systems that pertain to the publisher’s business workflow and ad tech support.

Our mission is to strengthen media organisations by continuously simplifying business processes and access to relevant data.

For enquiries, please contact us at support@voiro.com.

Our Team