You ART not alone!

Musings by Maitreyi Natarajan

Thou Art Not Alone - Maitreyi - Voiro

Since I am from a Liberal Arts college in Pune, I have always been subject to years of taunting and teasing about my fine arts “leanings” by my elitist lawyer and engineer friends – you know who you are! Yes, I also ended up taking several classes in the realm of Arts (so maybe my degree does have bits of fine art in it) – I was so fascinated by the subject and happy with my choice of degree, so that’s that!

One of my favorite classes was Art, Philosophy and Society – 60 hours of grueling arguments about questions that none of us REALLY have an answer to – what is art? 

Why is perception important? How does an inverted urinal get classified as one of the finest pieces of art in our century? Oh, you don’t believe me do you? Let me introduce you to a piece of modern art called ‘The Fountain’. 

Fountain - Duchamp

I know you’re going to Google the value of this work. Let me save you the trouble, it’s a whopping $1,762,500. In 2009, Duchamp went on to break his record at an auction at Christie’s in Paris with another contemporary art work that brought in $11,500,000. 

YES, I feel the same way! Maybe we could have all been millionaires if we were artists, too! Coming back to my favorite conversation starter – what is art and why do I think I am not good at it? My answer is – who cares! If you like it, just go for it. This quarantine, I picked up watercolors and some brushes for the first time in a couple of years and decided to ‘just go for it’. It has been my savior and one of the most relaxing parts of my day. Few things require as much concentration as creating art. Sports is definitely another one, but unless your sport is chess, there isn’t any hope for that now.

Maitreyi Natarajan - Voiro

Yes, my art pieces are not Monet, and yup, they’re almost always based on reference images, but I love it! I’ve spent all my corona days trying to get my friends to join in, and here I am taking this one step ahead – asking you to do the same!

Maitreyi Natarajan - Voiro

I think we’re all creative. In our own ways. There is always this narrative about underestimating ourselves when it comes to art – for some reason we all feel that if we aren’t great at it, it’s someone else’s hobby or job to pursue. I urge you to pick up that pen – doodle, zentangle, portrait, write, photograph, CREATE! 

As my friend and colleague, Anjani said, now’s the time to be creative! There’s limited material. One black pen, one set of watercolors, and a few sheets. It’s just you and your creativity now.  If you haven’t been convinced yet, here’s a fun video of Kenny Sebastian talking about art.

And if you are convinced, remember, no matter what your art looks like – ‘Contemporary, love it!’

I’m a CSM person by day & water-colorist by night! Here are a few of my works – art in the time of Corona.