Who do you want to be – the Hare or the Tortoise?

how Digital Publishers can get ahead of the curve

Well, yes COVID-19 is here. Yes, it sucks. Everyone’s home. We are overworked, underpaid (all this house/child work accounts for NO additional remuneration) stressed and anxious.

I attended an interesting ad-tech webinar the other day where they mentioned how the current emotions of solidarity and nostalgia persist in the market. Right from Doordarshan’s Ramayana to Amul’s 90s ad reruns, there is a sudden need to go back to one’s roots.

No wonder I am having mangoes after lunch on a hot summer afternoon and reminiscing about my childhood home.

This pandemic has been a great leveler in so many ways. Ecommerce giants are unable to manage their supply chain, something that our Kiranas are good at in these times of chaos.

Suddenly, everyone realizes that when push comes to shove, all we need is staples and meaningful connections. The luxury of connections is now so much more apparent in society.

Everyone is craving a handshake (Namaste would be better off now) and a hug. Every brand, every organization is trying to cope, adapt and connect with their employees and clients.

However, remember, this isn’t doomsday. This pandemic will end, especially for a young and optimistic country like ours.

And when it does end, advertisers will ache to leapfrog and guide our audiences back to this era.

So, then, how can digital media evangelists use this time to get back to our roots and form more meaningful connections with our audiences and advertisers alike?

How do we set up systems that enable more trust and give everyone the flexibility to adapt to whatever curve-ball life throws at us?

Because, let’s accept this – life might just never go back to the way it was a month before.

Digital Publishers – Here’s How You Can Get Ahead of The Curve:

Allow me to let you in on a secret – the story of the Hare and the Tortoise.

This is the time the Hare is resting. No madness of business; no constant push on sales and their chaos. It is in fact time to think and prepare.

People are shoring up technology, being experimentative, brainstorming, creating detailed tech stack diagrams – it’s surprising how so many publishers never made the effort. Indeed, they are going back to the basics and bulking up their technological prowess.

For the first time, the focus has so dramatically shifted from the lollapalooza of the business, to the product and technology – the things that are so proprietary to each organization, and what helps them stand apart.

Think of all execution teams (sales/ops/finance) and strategists (product/technology) as partaking in a slow dance.


Currently, product/technology teams are leading the way.

And when the time is right and the tide does turn in favor of humanity, these execution teams will go forth with twice the rigour, to conquer not just their share of the market, but also to form more meaningful connections. To showcase value and bring about loyalty.

And then again, these strategists will have taken up their stance – to cope, adapt and connect.

Are you ready?

Who do you want to be – the Hare or the Tortoise?

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