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Voiro Riveting Reading List

Anjani & Maitreyi curate a collection from some of our favorite books at Voiro and what we believe are “must reads”!

“The object we call a book is not the real book, but its potential, like a musical score or seed.”  Rebecca Solnit

The act of reading is unique in its ability to make us feel like we are traversing worlds while never leaving our reading nooks. Reading makes us more knowledgeable while simultaneously instilling in us the awareness of the limitations of our own knowledge. To paraphrase Socrates, all we know is that we don’t know anything, and reading helps us get there.

In today’s day and age, there has been an undeniable spike in the consumption of visual content thanks to the interwebs- in a way that the advent of movies and television could never fully manage. A collective shortened attention span just seems to be a defining aspect of the zeitgeist. When instant gratification factors so greatly in how we measure value more so than ever before, it’s easy to see how a lot of people might presume that whatever they can gain from a book over a few days can much easier be gained by binge watching an on-screen adaptation or by scrolling through the summary of the book on some helpful website. 

To most bookworms, the idea of reading entails more than just absorbing the information contained between the binding of a publication. Reading can be meditative. It is a practice of forcing your body to be still and to ignore your mind’s more hedonistic urges. You see yourself getting better at it with every page turned. The simple act of reading trains our mind to vividly create settings and characters; a crash course in visual thinking for creating mind palaces that will always stand us in good stead. 

Today, in the not-so-new normal, reading might just be something that could help us cope. Considering the fact that we run the risk of a burnout from an information overload almost constantly, taking time off everyday to read and rejuvenate might just be the cure. We have more time now that our social commitments have forcefully been made to take a backseat, so why not find friends in the prose of an omnibus. Now that we cannot travel and interact with the world empirically through our senses, the obvious solution is to try to do so rationally via our minds. It’s hard not to extol the virtues of being able to glimpse the spectrum of human existence from an armchair, more so now that we have these corona-times to consider. 

For the folks who have not found magic in reading, here’s something to think about:

People often attribute not being able to read regularly to not finding the right books, not having the attention span for it, or even finding themselves falling asleep every time a book is open within 3 ft of them (this is a real one I’ve heard if you can believe it)! When you first begin working out, nobody expects you to bench press half your weight on the first go. The mind too is a muscle that needs exercising, so why treat the workout any differently? Start slow and work your way up – maybe a single page a day, or one chapter until you feel comfortable biting off a bit more. Try different genres, you never know what might work for you. But like you would never just work out one limb, with reading too, getting a taste of everything on offer does us more good than harm. Finding something to read that seems intriguing makes it easier to start, and eventually it becomes easier to move up to reading what does not seem intriguing at first glance but might hold bounties galore.

Anjani Anand - Voiro

Anjani walks down memory lane:

As someone who was an extremely hyperactive child, my parents struggled with inculcating a reading habit in my early childhood. A wide range of tactics were employed to do so, from cajoling and bribing to threatening me with a belan and other kitchen accoutrements. Both my parents, being voracious readers themselves, were convinced that a good book could have the same effect on my mind as a heavy dose of Ritalin. Boy, were they right! Once I took to reading there was no stopping little me. I’d devour books at an alarming rate and eventually my reading habit morphed into a form of escapism, a reading addiction if you will. Finding the balance between the two extremes was a journey that took years, and still needs revisiting time and again. I honestly believe that every book I’ve ever read has contributed to my worldview in some form. 

Maitreyi Natarajan - Voiro

Maitreyi tells us why books can be everything:

I was introduced to books at the age of three months by my grandmother who had decided that her granddaughter would know a tiger from a leopard right from the get go. Books for me were everything – I read at the table, in the lift, in the car, in school in the 5 minutes between periods, at other people’s houses and everywhere in between. My mother struggled to get me to interact with real people at social events, I would have much rather been friends with Brer Rabbit as a child! I was and am still transfixed by characters, the beauty of description and the vivid visualisation words can bring to you. I also believe my deep love for animals comes from books – something I’m eternally grateful for! 

We hope you enjoy our curation of books to transport you to other worlds or enjoy this one! Or even begin reading, if you haven’t been an avid reader!

Happy Reading!

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