Turning Data into Audience Intelligence — the Voiro way of forecasting revenue

Sales is a tough job at the best of times. As everywhere else, even in the OTT space, alongside the pressure of targets there is the additional stress of communication within large teams and their advertisers, brands, and agencies. With dozens of members of a sales team out there in the market trying to sell the same inventory, it can sometimes get confusing and tricky. 

Even if some of the sales force sells the same target audience to different advertisers, it can lead to complications and affect the successful delivery of these ads, thus falsifying the commitment made to the brand. Inventory is always limited and frequency caps limit them even more. Brands don’t care for these issues. All they care for is that the commitments made to them are kept and their ads delivered as planned.

This of course leads to a mad scramble at an operational level. Eventually, it can lead to under-delivery and revenue loss which can lead to an unhappy client. Now that’s something no one wants. Working with OTT platforms over the last few years we’ve seen this problem up close and that’s what set us thinking.

Imagine if you could preempt all these problems! 

If the sales force could look up potential target groups and check inventory availability before they made the sale, the complications arising at the time of the delivery of these ads would wither away.

Voiro Dashboard

The Inventory dashboard without target groups

The sales force would have better visibility and could make better offers to the brand. Not just that, they could rest assured that what they’ve promised will be delivered. And it would make the life of the operations team that much simpler.

So that’s what Voiro did. We designed a forecasting tool to make life easier for our friends in the sales team. While this forecasting tool may sound ambitious, it’s really just a smart tool that uses a lot of historical data from within the system to come up with a realistic number.

Voiro Dashboard - Suggested targeting groups

The Audience Intelligence dashboard with target groups

Most OTT platforms can, at a cost, have access to this valuable data. Who watched what, when and where, and for how long, is what’s really needed to project who will be watching what, when, where and for how long. Of course it isn’t that straight forward, but you get the idea.

We call this the Audience Intelligence Dashboard and this provides the sales team with enough information to sell, and sell accurately. The dashboard takes into account the frequency profile of users as well as all the other campaigns booked in the system to give as true a picture of reality as possible.

Voiro - Suggested targeting groups

Available inventory by target groups

The sales team can input age, gender, frequency caps, and even the date range they are planning to sell for and get results marked in colour to highlight a yes or no. Target groups marked in green mean that ads can be sold to them while those marked in red make it clear that the target groups are already overbooked or aren’t available for selling.

It’s amazing what data, if used, understood, and analyzed well, can do. Audience Intelligence is all about making sense of the enormous treasure trove of data that publishers possess, applying intelligence to it, and then serving it on a platter in a way that makes it impossible to resist. 

This is at the heart of what we do at Voiro.