Something’s Brewing : strong coffee served with SaaS!

It is almost impossible to imagine that ~200 people, across time zones would voluntarily attend a virtual SaaS workshop late on a Friday night in the US & at 7:15 am on a Saturday morning in India. Yet, the SaaSBOOMi team achieved bringing together a diverse group of professionals who gave up their “TGIF plans” and gladly woke early to participate in an introductory session on Product Led Growth. Kudos to the team for pulling off such a high energy event in these uncertain times, in the complex landscape of SaaS solutions, where every company is fighting for a slice of the same pie. The stellar curation of speakers and content, built on the bedrock of creating a community and “paying it forward” is mission critical to those of us who are trying to build, run and scale businesses in an incrementally competitive world.  The spirit of collaboration and the genuine desire to share authentic professional experiences with each other is not something that we see often enough. 

Product led growth is gaining momentum as a go-to-market strategy in India, where  SaaS revenues are set to jump 6X to $13-15 billion by 2025. This is evidence enough that there is deep merit to this approach and is globally validated by the fact that PLG businesses are trading at almost 2x higher revenue multiples than they started with.” 

The extremely incisive curation included diverse views from founders, early & mid stage startups, corporate veterans, sales & marketing experts, data and tech wizards – all keen to learn from each other’s experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Insights ranged from how to survive in a “new normal” (will this ever be “normal”?), how to create, design, build and scale products and how to balance teams with one common focus – to lead with product. The eclectic mix of cross functional expertise and free flowing (but intuitively tuned into current trends in the landscape) was a refreshing source of ideas and learning from companies such as Freshworks, Airtable, Eka Software, Notion & Kissflow who have earned their chops in the SaaS world. Add to the fact that this community is run almost entirely by volunteers makes it truly memorable and takes us beyond the oft unpleasant trials of a corporate environment. 

A high point was when one of the key speakers acknowledged that there were not enough women in the ecosystem and they are actively seeking more representation from women. These moments must be  celebrated in a world where the glass ceiling still exists, but I am happy to see this community taking steps to advocating gender equity.

If you are looking for a forum to meaningfully engage with peers, leaders and the best minds in the SaaS space, I would highly recommend that you pay a visit to the folks at SaaSBOOMi – I promise you will enjoy the sense of camaraderie served by some stellar minds.

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