Phoenix, by Voiro : Intuitive Engineering & Pixel Perfection

Phoenix - Voiro - Feature ImageVoiro turns 6 today. In a startup world, that could well be 60, because that’s how time moves – at lightspeed.  Last year, when we looked back, it was all about a team journey.

This year, we’re leading with our product. Over the last 6 years, we have walked down various paths to discover, define, redefine and redesign our product (and fallen down quite a few rabbit holes, too).

Looking ahead and celebrating our sixth year, we have emerged stronger, with razor sharp focus. Our vision is to accelerate every media company to be data first.

We are a data technology company bringing automation & intelligence to leading media organisations across the world. We engineer inventive products to track, report and translate (all) data that contributes to revenue. Our customers have instant access to all actionable intelligence that matters right now.  With this vision, we decided to deep dive into our product and craft a stellar user experience, working with and learning from our customers in media companies. 

We revisit this journey and talk about what’s cooking in the Voiro lab,  in conversation with Kavita & Anand.

Getting it right the second time around, building on the genesis of the first version:

It is a well known truth that….everyone wants to be liked! Well, most of us, anyway. This desire is much stronger when you build a product. You want to encourage intrigue and excitement at first glance. But, like all companies starting up and most startups being bootstrapped, our first version of Voiro was anything but intriguing. Let’s just say we would skip really fast to the part where we proved how well it works instead of giving ourselves a smug few moments of  “just look at that!”

Steve Jobs - Insanely great

The Lisa Example: One of the most creative CEO’s of this century was a man of great controversy, as are most people who choose to abandon the straight and narrow paths for unknown ones. The Lisa might have been considered a failure in Apple’s history and the Macintosh lauded as Apple’s legacy.  What is undeniable, is the fact that The Lisa was the precursor and the genesis of most of modern computing. 

Phoenix - Voiro - Kavita Shenoy

Voiro specialises in making media companies intelligent. Our solutions power cutting edge content companies that churn out fantastic shows, from reality to sport, from thrillers to action packed cliffhangers, all filled with glamour and whimsy; each production being carefully thought out and captivating. 

Then, there was us.  Functional, hard working and maybe not much to look at. The wallflowers at a dance among the tech unicorns with unlimited funds. We had lots of hidden capabilities but only a really engaged audience would be motivated to find and invite our feature set for a waltz. Our “dated” look and experience was beginning to affect the way we thought about our product and began to confuse sales. It was time for a makeover. Finally, in June of 2019 we decided to take the plunge and be truthful to ourselves. We know good design, but we didn’t have the chops to pull off a product redesign on our own. Cut to the chase – we hired a consulting company to show us the way to a good looking product;  that we refer to as “Project Phoenix” because we believe that names have power.

We experienced a huge shakedown, answered (tough) questions such as  “why is this here?” “why is this a drop down menu and not a side nav?”, “why red and not blue” and had to reckon with all the (bad?) choices we made (without a product designer) compounded over five years, to finally come up with a clean information architecture, well thought through user experience and beautiful design. We thought, at the time that function trumps form. 

Now, with Phoenix in the works, we know that  “form and function should be one”  to borrow a phrase from the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, another controversial character, because we love outliers.

The Phoenix UI is being designed for power users, the data hungry mavericks and is a truly simplified  experience that empowers data driven decisions. The ability to query information that turns into insight, or to choose to delve deeper into a completely separate data set to drive ad sales revenue within media workflows is like having less than a 6 degree separation, where one can befriend data sets and make one’s boss happy with the results.

Automation, seamless access, one window of operation, and contextual information to give one real time actionable insights is where Project Phoenix truly wins. Yes, that’s why we added a right nav, so we can revel in the power of learning and retrospective redesign, based on customer feedback!

Kavita: “I personally love the little nuggets of information that pepper the page to help me understand revenue, no matter where I am within the screens.  No more getting lost in a workflow and not knowing how to leave.”  Yes, we made sure  our Phoenix  interface is not like Hotel California!

Over to Anand, who lives and breathes all things product. After over 365 days of thinking about a redesign, he succinctly shares what we are obsessing about at Voiro.

Phoenix - Voiro - Anand Gopal

The reason we have a lot of faith in this project (and not just in it’s internal moniker) is because of a fundamental belief we have that in order to thrive, we must constantly differentiate our offering and reinvent ourselves. Our new experience is all about bringing intelligence to our users when they need it, where they need it, and in a manner that is easily palatable to them.”

An interesting gentleman I follow on Twitter, Ritesh Banglani, recently challenged the old SaaS adage about software being either a vitamin or a painkiller, and talked about the new breed of products that change the game altogether.  Phoenix, and Voiro at large, in our opinion, is striving to do just that –  change the game, altogether.

Delightful visuals; Deeply analytical insights presented in an easy-to-consume fashion; A plethora of features and interesting tools tucked away and placed so subtly, so that the right feature is within reach when required, but waiting faithfully in its place when not in use this is our vision for Phoenix that we can’t wait to share with our customers and the larger ad tech landscape.

A new way for media companies to have a relationship with  first party data that helps  scale  business to greater heights.

Coming Soon : Phoenix, By Voiro. Intuitive Engineering & Pixel Perfection.


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