Not-A-CRM …

…but an ARM (Ad Revenue Management Suite)

For the last 8 months at Voiro, I have lived and breathed our product, and frankly if I were to get a penny every time someone mistook Voiro for being “just” a CRM or for “not being comprehensive enough for a CRM”, I’d have exactly 278 pennies (totally made that up)!

This made me think about the world of CRM’s. Let’s take a step back to understand exactly what a CRM is?

What exactly is a CRM?

“Even the smallest operation needs a CRM”, shared Rashan Dixon, Co-founder of Techincon and Senior Business Consultant for Microsoft on

It’s a software (clearly stating the obvious) bought with the promise of these benefits:

  • Better Client Data Aggregation and Management
  • Improved ability to Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Improved Customer Support
  • Task Automation
  • Teamwork Efficiency & Collaboration Improved Reporting & Analysis
  • Increased Revenue and Profitability

There’s a plethora of CRM’s in the market and their combined revenue is expected to cross $80 billion by 2025. So in such a highly competitive market, how do you, a media company, pick the RIGHT CRM to not only manage, but accelerate your revenue?

The challenge of selecting the right CRM

Any company that intends to buy a software, typically goes through the following process of selection:

Need -> Plan -> Training -> Data Quality

All the magic lies in the first phase where you ‘identify the need’.

As is usual with organizations in high growth sectors there’s always an urgent need that drives the decision to buy a CRM. However once you start using a CRM as a client information system, a shift occurs. Needs shift, expectations change, and if you are in the digital media space, then the entire tech stack may also change.

This is exactly where a great CRM solution can set itself apart from others in the market. If a CRM solution can evolve through this transformation, it earns a client’s adoption, loyalty, and money.

Enter, CRM Marketplace. A hybrid, highly complex, dynamic set of solutions and technology that is aimed at customer satisfaction.

This is when you start integrating more partners (and hence software) with your current CRM to enable added functionalities or solve for newer needs.

Ergo, a lot more complexity.

Where VOIRO fits in…

This is exactly where Voiro fits in. Voiro is a CRM and the marketplace rolled into one for media organisations and ad-led publishers.

When Voiro started, we were a Campaign Management System for ad-led publishers with a provision for a CRM integration.And then we realised adoption of traditional CRMs was so low! The main reason of course is that the sales teams generally don’t like engaging in anything that doesn’t pay them back.

Yes, we are wired that way in sales because:

  1. Most CRMs end up being data aggregators for upper management. Did I see you nod in agreement? This means that the system (in itself) does not provide much value to the user, only to his manager. As human tendencies go, my attention span or the inclination to use a system is directly proportional to the value it adds to my life.
  2. In media organisations there is a lot of data that generic CRM systems aren’t built to capture. These include critical data like the various rate cards, targeting, frequency caps etc. This information, when entered by Sales, needs to be passed on to the Ops team in a manner such that no information is lost in translation.
  3. This works for a while until the volume becomes overwhelming for even the best excel gurus to pivot.
  4. Also, unlike many other conventional sales cycles, media sales is extremely dynamic. You could have a PO for a million dollars and not see a penny of it realised until the ad actually delivers with the required targeting.
  5. Simply put, this means that Sales needs visibility and also a level of involvement for their targets to actually close and commissions to come through.
  6. Customisation and Deployment Timelines. ***Did I just see you nod in agreement, again? ***

This is one of the challenges we at Voiro decided to take on. So, we built an extension of our Campaign Management System.

Meet our friendly Not-Just-A-CRM/ or Ad Revenue Management Suite!

It’s built for media sales, with an aim to simplify, capture information, stop all the repetitive data entering and give value back to the sales team – to every user in the value chain and not to just a few managers.

Let’s go through the list of benefits from a CRM once again.

  • Better Client Data Aggregation and Management
  • Improved ability to Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Improved Customer Support
  • Task Automation
  • Teamwork Efficiency & Collaboration
  • Improved Reporting & Analysis
  • Increased Revenue and Profitability

Voiro SalesX is all this and much more!

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