Leaning into Learning – Why Continuous Upskilling Matters!

Netflix recently released a documentary about Bill Gates called “Inside Bill’s Brain”. What struck me the most wasn’t Bill’s staggering achievements, both during and since his time at Microsoft, but his constant commitment to reading and learning about the world around us and about the extent of our own human capabilities.

We’re surrounded by an industry that’s changing at warp speeds and in fascinating ways. At the same time, we’re also surrounded by an almost infinite number of resources from which to learn, many of them completely free.

As creators of technology and as publishers, we sit in the middle of our own lumascapes and value chains. On either side of us are audiences and advertisers who are becoming empowered with technology, as well as getting spoilt for choice.

I recently spent a few weeks in South Africa with a team of smart, experienced folks at a publisher who were curious and keen to learn from markets outside their own. They brought Voiro in to help them understand and learn the best practices we’ve implemented across publishers we’ve worked with, both in terms of data management as well as technology, so they can implement them in their own markets.

Someone once told me that if you stop learning and upskilling, it will take you only 3 months to become irrelevant. On the other hand, if you want to become relevant, then too, it will take you only 3 months of focused and dedicated learning to find your bearings again. While this used to be true only for certain periods of one’s career, it has now become a way of life, necessary for survival in almost every domain. There’s no point shying away from it and it is so much easier to embrace a learning experience.

In order to stay relevant, as individuals and teams, our only option is to stay ahead of the game – to be cognizant of every technological trend and keep ourselves tuned into our own thesis on this shifting landscape. It’s important for upskilling to be a part of everyone’s KRAs. It goes without saying that this upskilling benefits the entire organization and we value curiosity and consciously lean into learning, unlearning and relearning.