From the CEO’s desk – Striding Confidently Into The New Decade!

Anyone can think of an idea, but it takes a team of dedicated, highly motivated people to keep going at it on a daily basis so they can execute that idea to perfection.

Jerry Seinfeld once said “If it is efficient it is the wrong way. The right way is the hard way”. Although the context in which he was speaking was different, it makes perfect sense to me in the face of our everyday battles.

Not a minute goes by when I am not conscious of this. This year has been a major learning curve for me and the team and I am thankful that this past year saw the team move several notches up and execute projects and solutions we could scarcely believe possible till even last year.

To win, and win right you have to bring your best self to the table, everyday. That’s not easy. But once you know what it takes to win there is no looking back. I can confidently say that we now know what it takes to win.

I am thankful for the year that has passed, the wonderful people I met for the first time, the mentors and well wishers who offered their valuable advice with generosity, the clients who continued to repose their trust in us and those new clients who allowed us to join them in their journeys, and yes, my friends and family who I can comfortably fall back on to hit reset.

Life is like an open book exam, you don’t have to know all the answers, but only where to go find them.

Striding forth into 2020, I am confident that we are on the right path. 🙂