Exploring New Frontiers: Voiro in South Africa with Multichoice DStv*

Voiro at Multichoice DStv in South Africa

Goal: Meet the Multichoice team and settle into the Jo’burg way of life!
We’re happy to be showing you around with our picture stories.

Voiro landed in Johannesburg to conduct a discovery week at one of the leading OTT players in the country, MultiChoice.
Before every deployment, we conduct a discovery week to meet and greet teams, and to understand their need of the hour. The rest will be history, because we are a force to reckon with in powering tech for the ad sales universe.

  • Maitreyi Natarajan (Customer Success) : loves cats, hates plastic, believes in living sustainably, great sense of humour, recently moved to our office in Bombay.
  • Niju Mohan (Client Delivery Lead) : loves online shopping, hates labels, believes that books are the best thing in life, settling into Bangalore after years in Goa.

Beautiful Skies

Landing in SA is like landing in one big hug. Every passerby takes the time out to smile at you, greet you and wish you well. You can’t possibly have a bad day here! The road from the airport to our hotel took us on N1, a national highway with gorgeous 4 lane roads, surrounded by trees, quaint houses and of course, smiling drivers!

A Slice of History

Niju and I decided to go to the Apartheid Museum, and wander the streets of Soweto, around Mandela House.

The museum; wonderfully maintained, with exquisite art displays and pieces recognises and honours the struggle and the effort that has gone into a continuing struggle for equality.
Music and dance is integral to African culture – people just want to have fun! It’s hard not to groove to the jazzy and funky tunes of Soweto. The Mandela house, is another touching place that you must visit in SA and you can’t resist so many lovely trinkets on the streets!

Workspace for the week - HEIC

MCLeadership HEIC


Goeie Dag!