Breaking the bottlenecks in digital media companies

Everyone is moving from traditional offline systems to modern-day digital systems!
When you establish an online presence and start acquiring customers through it, your system should be equipped to acquire large quantities of complex data and analyse and extract actionable information from them. As the company grows, the data to be handled on a daily basis increases. At this stage, media organisations usually face three issues that restrict them from growing at a fast pace.

#1 Scaling

Digital data is dynamic in nature. The pace at which data is generated and updated in the online world is neither gradual nor entirely predictable. The publisher should be prepared to keep up with the pace of growth of this online data.
After a tipping point, which we estimate is over Rs 5 crore of annual ad revenue, a lot of resources are required to sustain this growth. A dynamic shift in speed is required for catering to your clients and running this business.
The marketing budget to drive that kind of subscription and ad revenue growth is high and your response to dynamic demand should be sustainable and quick.

#2 Experimenting

In times of growth, you are always tempted to look for better tech solutions. You want to employ a solution that provides maximum impact and minimum effort.
This phase is like dating. You may want to date multiple people to find out what works and what doesn’t – before committing to one person. But it is not an easy process. You will have to know what are the green flags and red flags to look out for. You need to know when and how to get out of a bad date before things go out of control. You need to constantly evaluate whether things are working out for both of you, and break up with minimum damage when it is not going well.

#3 Switching Tech

Let’s go back to the example of dating. When you are dating someone, you may often land up in vulnerable situations. The same is the case with a growing company. Things may not always work well between you and your employees/third parties. It is a constant fear whether they have too much data and whether they will hold the data against you. Switching from one employee/service provider to another is also a huge task. Proper handover of data and responsibilities require rigorous process advocacy. This orientation takes a large amount of time and you cannot afford that kind of delay in the process.

A single solution to these bottlenecks

What if we told you it is possible to scale your media company, experiment with different third parties, and ensure a smooth switch of data from one source to another without worrying about increased expenditure or risk?

Focus on scaling, not the problems of growth

The growth of a company is about the increase in revenue. But it takes a lot of resources to handle this growth and continue growing at that pace. Scaling, on the other hand, is about increasing revenue without incurring significant costs. It is a better way to measure the success of a company. This is why we focus on helping companies scale.

Experimenting is like dating; get your wingman

Just like dating, the growth phase of a company involves experimenting. Having your friend as the wingman helps in this phase. They will be around to ensure that you have a smooth first interaction with the person you are interested in and they help you leave a situation if it is not working as planned. You are still the person making decisions here. Your wingman just helps you follow through the decision by ensuring a smooth transition.
That is what we do at Voiro. We help you experiment with different solution providers, make sure that the data you collect is safe while you try out each solution, to tell you what is working and what isn’t. You make all the decisions. We will be there to save you from the fall.

Safe and smooth

With a system like Voiro in place, nobody can hold you ransom to your data. You are free to make a choice without having to compromise on your data or security. It also makes the transition process fast and smooth. You can make the switch with zero losses. This is extremely important if you want to grow.

Does my company need Voiro?

“All right, Voiro is the choice for the top 3 over-the-top (OTT) service providers in India. But I’m not an OTT player. Why should I care?” You may be thinking these right now.
Of course, Voiro is being used by 40% of the top OTT publishers in the country. But our application doesn’t end here. Voiro would prove useful if your company is into digital media – whether it be e-books or e-zines. Voiro can also be used if you are a media company making the move into the digital landscape from legacy systems.
Usually, if your ad revenue is below Rs 5 crore, chances are you are able to manage it manually. But given the growth in the media industry and methods of monetisation, there is only one way – UP! Get in touch with us and understand the possibilities of collaboration.