Photograph of Kavita Shenoy, the Co-founder and CEO of Voiro

Kavita Shenoy


“To me, technology is an enabler — its genius lies in not changing what we do, but how we do it. While the media industry is constantly keeping up with new technologies to engage audiences, it has been slow to leverage technology to manage its own business.”

I lead business strategy and development at Voiro. Fresh from an undergraduate major in Economics from the University of Mumbai, my career began with advertising. I managed some of the country’s largest consumer brands for Lowe Lintas before moving on to the company that changed the face of advertising forever. Google. I led the launch of in-country support of Doubleclick YouTube in India, and then replicated it in South East Asia. As a Technical Producer, my job was to translate Google media platform policies through advocacy and governance frameworks to deliver compliant launches and programs. The recognition of being singularly responsible for IPL program execution was a turning point for me.

Having worked intensively with large advertiser programs for Google, I realised that digital publishers were constantly playing catch up with technology. They were sitting on a mine of data and probably using only 10% of the real potential of it. This space between publishers and platforms is where I want to make a difference, I thought. And when Anand and I started talking about it, the seed of what would become Voiro was planted.

I am deeply committed to saving Bangalore’s parks and gardens, using my voice and time to work for the city I have grown up in.