Photograph of Jithin George, Co-founder and Head of Development at Voiro.

Jithin George

Head of Development

“When doing anything, the standard you set for yourself should be higher than anybody’s expectations, even yours.”

I’ve always believed in keeping my stands high and expectations real. After graduating in Computer Science System Security from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, I began my career at Oracle as a software engineer on the PeopleSoft team. Post a short stint at Cisco in San Francisco, I returned to India. It is in these organisations that I understood what it takes to craft efficient, secure and intelligent technology.

While the security of working at large, established brands is great, I wanted to build something disruptive and enduring from the ground up. At Voiro, I have played an integral role developing the foundation of a solution that changes the way the media and publishing sector works. I have led the technical development of the core product platform, building it from scratch, directing and managing the overall design and implementation, and guiding the development team to create well thought and designed solutions.

As a process expert, I am passionate about exploring and developing new technologies to solve problems elegantly and working closely with Voiro’s customers gives me user perspective that influences it.