Photograph of Anil Karat, Co-founder and Head of Technology at Voiro

Anil Karat


“I firmly believe that there is no magic or miracle, especially when it comes to technology. My long-term vision has been to be able to create and deploy systems that deeply impact the world in a positive way — software or otherwise.”

As a student of Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Technology), I spent much of time in the robotics club of National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. I enjoy understanding any system and how it works at the fundamental level, how each piece or module fits in with the rest and functions internally. I went on to work for Yahoo Inc., where I handled the internationalisation of Yahoo Finance feeds before the need to do something on my own took hold. I designed, built, operated and later shutdown an online video marketplace within a year’s time — experience that I believe helped me hone my skills for Voiro as we know it today.

At Voiro, I worked intensively with Jithin in designing and developing its core product platform. As technologists, we can’t work in silos in the bean-bag strewn confines of our offices — to create a product that actually works, you have to go out there and understand the pain points of the people whom your product is for. Interacting with clients closely and directly is one of those “start-up” advantages that truly makes a difference. It helps you build technology with empathy. And that to me is one of the most important qualities of a good solution — coupled with the ability anticipate and be ready for changing industry needs.