The Voiro Team

Meet the team

Photograph of Kavita Shenoy, the Co-founder and CEO of Voiro

Kavita Shenoy


Photograph of Anand Gopal, Co-founder and COO of Voiro

Anand Gopal


Photograph of Anil Karat, Co-founder and Head of Technology at Voiro

Anil Karat


Photograph of Jithin George, Co-founder and Head of Development at Voiro.

Jithin George

Head of Development

Jonna Vyasulu is the Chief Marketing Office of Voiro

Jonna Vyasulu


Kalyan Mohan

Mohan Kalyan

Investor Director & Board Member

Abhishek D Goudar is a Software Engineer at Voiro

Abhishek Goudar

Software Engineer

Anamika Awasthi is a Software Engineer at Voiro

Anamika Awasthi

Software Engineer

Ankit Richariya is a Software Engineer at Voiro

Ankit Richariya

Software Engineer

Chetan Golapalli is a Project Manager at Voiro

Chetan Gollapalli

Project Manager

Dhruv Saini is a Software Engineer at Voiro

Dhruv Saini

Software Engineer

Maitreyi Natarajan is a Customer Success Manager at Voiro

Maitreyi Natarajan

Customer Success Manager

Niju Mohan CP is a Delivery Lead at Voiro

Niju Mohan CP

Delivery Lead

Rajat Singh Rawat is a QA Engineer at Voiro

Rajat Singh Rawat

QA Engineer

Ravi Basvapattan is a Product Manager at Voiro

Ravi Basvapattan

Product Manager

Sachin Edward Paul is a QA Engineer at Voiro

Sachin Edward Paul

Software Engineer

Sanjana Thandaveswaran is a Product Analyst at Voiro

Sanjana Thandaveswaran

Product Analyst

Valentina Robert is a Finance Coordinator at Voiro

Valentina Robert

Finance Coordinator

Vernica Lodha is an Enterprise Sales Lead at Voiro

Vernica Lodha

Enterprise Sales Lead