About Voiro

We are Voiro and we dare to challenge how things work

"There is a need to reimagine the way we work in the digital era. It’s not about maximising automation — a real solution evolves from re-engineering processes and structures with an understanding of future technologies and empathy for the people that make it happen."

Photograph of Kavita Shenoy, the Co-founder and CEO of Voiro

Kavita Shenoy, Co-Founder, CEO

100% Homegrown

We’re India’s first all-in-one revenue management suite exclusively for ad-led digital publishers across media. Our cloud-based solution is built to tackle the complex world of multiple revenue channels and provides the best data security and protection, critical for a data driven, content centric industry.

"We don’t want to be everything for everyone. Our focus is razor sharp and that helps us truly craft our technology for the way an industry works in a geographical region. You can’t build a solution without building a deep understanding of the challenge."

Photograph of Anand Gopal, Co-founder and COO of Voiro

Anand Gopal, Co-Founder, COO

4 Years. 40% of OTT market.

We quit cushy jobs with leading technology and digital brands to start our own. And we’ve never looked backed. With our finger on the pulse of India’s digital media landscape, we’ve grown our revenue suite with the country’s leading OTT brands — and they’ve grown their revenue streams with us!

“Technology changes the way you work — sometimes it makes you work harder. We have built Voiro to help organisations hit the ground running, minimising the unseen effort that goes into adopting new technologies and leveraging existing solutions.”

Photograph of Anil Karat, Co-founder and Head of Technology at Voiro

Anil Karat, Head of Technology

We see it from your point of view

Voiro derives its edge from the passion and experience of its core team. We’ve been on both sides of the table — the business and the technology. We’ve driven ad sales and business development for online media platforms and publishers. And innovated with the world’s biggest tech brands. What that means is you get a technology product that understands your business, from the inside out.

"An immaculately crafted solution that is the gold standard for Media in South and Southeast Asia for data, revenue, and intelligence. That’s the goal."

Photograph of Jithin George, Co-founder and Head of Development at Voiro.

Jithin George, Head of Development

We’re open to change

And, we help organisations anticipate, manage and make the most of it in an industry that is in flux. By getting data in order, Voiro enables brands to leverage the potential of Automation, Predictive Capabilities, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and more. With a deep understanding of digital publishing trends, we innovate continuously, so you’re ready to lead the change.