Programmatic Ad Buying vs Financial Markets

Programmatic ad buying has seen an upward trend globally. In the US, more than four in five digital display ads are being placed through programmatic transactions. Explosive growth is being experienced even in India, where 65% of all digital ad-spend is done via programmatic. However, the adoption of programmatic in India is still slow, mostly […]

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Breaking the bottlenecks in digital media companies

Everyone is moving from traditional offline systems to modern-day digital systems! When you establish an online presence and start acquiring customers through it, your system should be equipped to acquire large quantities of complex data and analyse and extract actionable information from them. As the company grows, the data to be handled on a daily […]

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Media Organisations Need to Make the Shift to Data Centricity

Media is one industry that has been impacted most heavily by the digital revolution. With the proliferation of the Internet, readers have increasingly moved online to consume news, entertainment and content. Traditional business models of media companies, which were largely centred around subscriptions and print advertisements, quickly crumbled as consumers now had access to a […]

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4 Trends that will Dominate the Indian Media Landscape in 2020 and Beyond

The ‘media and entertainment’ industry is in the midst of a transformation. The quantum of change is more than what we have seen for the last several decades. Digitalization has obviously been the biggest harbinger of change which has led to a perceptible change in how people consume entertainment. Unlike the older millennials who grew […]

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2019 May be the Tipping Point for OTT Adoption in India

Globally, the shift towards OTT has been a definitive one. In the US, for example, the number of households using only OTT services has tripled since 2013, to 14.1 million homes in 2018, as per the VAB report. This number is still small in absolute terms, though, given that a vast majority of US houses […]

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Will 2019 be the Year of Programmatic Advertising in India?

Programmatic advertising isn’t particularly new, especially in developed markets. It has already transformed the world of advertising in advanced markets globally. Most top end and long tail content providers across the globe are leveraging programmatic advertising to get the most from their content inventory. In the US, for example, programmatic advertising as a share of […]

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Powered Operations for India’s Largest Live Sports telecast online that drew 10.5 million concurrent views